5 Benefits of Hiring Foreign Workers for Your Small Business

Small businesses are critical to the wellbeing of the economy. Traditionally, they have struggled to compete with their larger counterparts; one area that they are unable to compete in is the talent pool. Thanks to technology, small businesses have managed to compete in some areas. They can automate many functions. E-commerce has made it possible for them to set up shop almost anywhere. Nevertheless, hiring still becomes a challenge. Small businesses can hire foreign workers because they offer some advantages as discussed here.

Foreign Workers Increase team diversity

The team in your company will be diverse. The different cultural backgrounds and languages are valuable. Your company can use to its advantage. In Australia, based on the Department of Home Affairs data, found there were 1.88 million people holding temporary visas in Australia in March 2015, of which approximately 1.4 million carried work rights. The result is an essential cross-cultural integration. Cross-cultural competence in a small firm can give it a clear advantage over other companies when competing for international markets. It can also give the company a unique feel.

Increases team productivity

The chances of getting a foreign national who is not serious about his or her work are small. They are always committed to their work. Today’s traditional working environments are facing significant competition. Small businesses are embracing coworking and fun workplaces.

The small company does not need to hire foreigners in the country. It can hire computer scientists, program engineers, data engineers, and other people through online platforms. The cost of contracting out to foreign nationals can be discounted heavily. Furthermore, these virtual teams can work throughout the year day and night.

Gives the firm a broader scope of network

An engineer from China, India or Korea will come with his or her network of people within the field or related industries. If something comes up that needs input from someone they know, they are likely to make the necessary contact. Besides, everyone in your multicultural team comes with a network of compatriots who can aid in your cause.

Can you imagine having networks in five countries out there? That is worth having for anyone who has a dream of servicing a global clientele. They will serve as your first source of customer profile and intelligence.

The team is open to new challenges

Putting together this team together is a challenge in itself. You need a clear policy on how to recruit, train, and relate. You need an internal communication plan, which is standard protocol for all businesses whether they hire foreigners or not.

Once you overcome teething issues, the team looks upon their collective synergy to pursue almost everything. There is no bad idea; all ideas receive the same critical appraisal. There is no limit to what the team can try. Some foreigners have gone through a lot of adversity to be where they are. They are an inspiration to the rest of your team.

Wider skill pool

In the last decade, Europe and America have seen a sharp decline in the number of people pursuing STEM courses. The period coincided with a massive demand for the same in the age of technological revolution. International students from China, India, South Korea, and elsewhere have stepped up in a big way. Almost 70% of STEM enrollments and graduations in America’s top 50 universities are foreigners.

The only hope of landing a top tech guru is by hiring foreigners. The few spots that make up the rest of the pool want to work for global tech giants. Since small businesses cannot compete, they have to chart a different path. Luckily, these foreign nationals are specially qualified.


A small business needs all the help it can get. It cannot afford to pass good opportunities for growth. Hiring foreigners can inject some much-needed creativity, grit, commitment, skills, inspiration, and talent to your team. On 18 April 2017, the Australian Government announced that the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457 visa) will be abolished and replaced with the completely new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa in March 2018. It takes a significant amount of time and money to procure needed documents. Though it comes at a cost, it is well worth it. You will also need a registered migration agent who knows what rules must be followed, and which expenses are necessary or unnecessary so you don’t end up spending more than you actually need to, or spend a significant amount only to end up with a refusal and understands the intricacies and benefits of foreign workers. At times, you don’t have an option if the talent pool is small.

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