How to Become a Bartender – No Experience Bartender Jobs

If you are planning to move to Australia, you might be interested in getting a job behind a bar in a restaurant-type facility. A lot of people love to work behind bars because it’s a great way to make money and truly have a job that is social and fun at the same time. Many people look to begin working behind a bar for their own benefit, but if you have no experience at all, you might be wondering if this is even possible for you. In general, you can get a job behind the bar even if you do not have a lot of experience.

Benefits of Working Behind a Bar


Many people who work behind a bar-type setting will find that it’s a great way for them to make money in the form of tips and real salary. Younger individuals who are choosing to move to Australia may be looking specifically for a job that offers security and a lot of money. The best way to accomplish this would be to begin working at a bar. If you have absolutely no experience with this type of job, there are a couple of things that you might want to know to improve your chances of landing the job.

Having No Experience in the Bar Industry

Even if you have never worked at a bar before, you can still land a job as a bartender if you really put your mind to it. One of the first steps is to consider taking a RSA course or if you did the course before you might need to get RSA refresher training to familiarise yourself with the art of bartending and ensure you maintain currency with RSA. This type of course will prepare you for work in a bar and restaurant facility, and it’s normally what employers are going to look for if they choose to hire them. ¬†Other than your bar work resume and cover letter for bar work, you need to have some type of education behind you. Even if you do not have experience actually working in the bar itself, you need to know how to mix drinks and do it well. This will definitely help to improve the chances of you landing that job and doing well within the industry. This post teaches you more about overcoming the ‘no experience’ barrier.

Creating the Resume

There are lots of tips for working in a bar, but one of the most important things other than taking a course on bartending is to have the right bar work resume. This resume is going to be specific to any type of work you have had in the past and the types of courses you have taken that will prepare you for this type of work. The resume you create needs to be clean, professional and highly organised to improve the chances of making a splash. If your resume and cover letter are looking good, this can help you to actually get a call back to come in for an interview.

bar-498420_960_720The Interview

Part of the job hiring process is to go on an interview at the bar you’re looking to work. During the interview, it’s vital that you present yourself as a fun and social person who is willing to learn while they work. It is important that you do not lie on the interview and state that you have more experience than you do because this will definitely hinder your ability to actually keep the job if you were to get hired. Most bar owners will know pretty quickly whether or not you have experience when you told them that you do. Some bar owners will also ask you to make some drinks so that they can test them out before actually hiring you.

Even without any experience, it’s vital that you learn the skill of bartending while on the job. You can do this by listening to other bartenders who happen to be there and simply listening to your customers. Customers will normally be the first ones to tell you if they like a particular drink or if it was too strong or weak. This is great for anyone who just wants to land a great job even though they know they do not have a lot of experience with it and will be willing to learn while working. As stated before, it is never a good idea to state that you have lots of experience even when you do not. It is better to be honest and be open and willing to learn on the job after getting hired.

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