10 Benefits of Hiring People with Disabilities

In the past, hiring people with disabilities were often screed out of the hiring process regardless of their qualification. However, thanks to technological advancements as well as access to education and training, there’s been a lot of progress when it comes to hiring practices for individuals with a disability. Although the law offers protection for disabled individuals in the workplace, there’re still misconceptions about disabled workers. Employing persons with disability is not only the right thing to do but also benefits the business. Here’s how:

Larger Talent Pool

First off, people with disabilities are as capable as anyone else. Sometimes, finding the right candidate may seem impossible. Including disabled people during the hiring process expands your talent pool so you can find the perfect candidate. Qualified disabled people represent the untapped candidate pool for employers. It’s not hard to guess how hard these individuals had to work to reach such a capable level. Hiring a good hard-working employee will definitely pay off.

Tax Benefits

Financial incentives are the other benefits of hiring disabled workers. Employers are required by law to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate disabled employees. The cost of making such adjustments like having a barrier-free environment, purchasing adaptive equipment, and preparing ramps, qualify for tax relief as a business expense. Also, government organisations often provide funds for hiring disabled people. Employers should take advantage of such opportunities to lower the financial load on their business as well as increase ways of gathering funds, especially for small businesses.

Improved Image

Customers are more attracted to businesses that show that their workforce reflects the community as a whole. The benefits of hiring people with disabilities are that it creates a positive mindset in society and demonstrates a company’s commitment to equality. This makes a business more attractive to prospective customers, employees, and even business associates. In addition, evidence of inclusion is often taken into account when awarding tenders and contracts.

Diversity at the Workplace

Diversity is key to a successful business entity. A diverse workforce ensures businesses have a talented pool of employees that can handle different types of workloads. Advantages of hiring disabled workers are that they provide a different type of diversity. Though they lack some physical abilities, these individuals make up with extremely high mental abilities that others can only imagine. Also, workers who aren’t disabled can learn about other ways of accomplishing different tasks and solving problems.

Reduced Turnover

Disable workers are loyal in nature and are less likely to change their job, position, or post on a regular basis. They prefer doing their jobs efficiently with minimal complaints from their superiors. Companies hiring disabled workers experience superior retention rates, thereby reducing the high cost of turnover.

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Increased Productivity

Disabled employees are loyal, trustworthy, hardworking, focused, and under the right working conditions, are highly motivated. It’s also proven that they have lower absenteeism rates. The benefits of hiring someone with a disability is that they often try to make up for their deficit by offering greater efforts. All these qualities allow them to work to their full potential, increasing productivity levels in any business.

Reduced Work-related Accidents

Disabled individuals are more aware of safety. In other words, workers with disabilities are more careful at the workplace, exhibiting a significantly higher performance than their coworkers without disability in the area of safety. The benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities are that it reduces work-related injuries/deaths, which in turn avoids litigation.

Increased Market Share

Disabled customers, as well as their family members, friends, and associates, represent a wide market segment. They, just like anyone else, buy goods and services from companies that best meet their needs. Disabled employees have an additional insight into what this market segment requires. Employees with disabilities will help you tailor your products or services better. This allows you to best satisfy the needs of customers with disabilities, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Innovation Through Creative Thinking

Disabled individuals face many challenges on a daily basis. They are, however, used to finding solutions that require an open mind, creativity, and flexibility. This creative way of thinking and problem-solving skills can benefit the business through innovation.

Added Benefits in Legal Issues

Having disabled people in your workforce can help prevent certain legal problems for your company, especially in cases related to discrimination. This reduces the risk of a lawsuit, which could otherwise tarnish your company’s reputation or lead to huge financial losses.

About the Author

Paige Ellingson is a creative content writer. She studied business and communication arts. Her passion for helping people and business flows through in the job role she is currently in. This article comes courtesy of Open Minds, an Australian-based organisation who offers a range of disability support services.

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