Career as a Diesel Fitter

Diesel fitters are in high demand  these days. These professionals repair, maintain and service large diesel engines. While this type of work is demanding in many ways, it is also extremely rewarding for those who choose to undertake it.
Qualities Needed
Not everyone is cut out to be a diesel fitter. These professionals must have an aptitude for mechanics and an understanding of how engines work. They must also be skilled at solving problems as their main duty is to fix issues with large engines. 
In addition, diesel fitters must be highly observant. Problems with engines often come about gradually, and being able to anticipate issues before they arise is very important. 
Accuracy also plays a big role in making someone a good diesel fitter. These professionals use precision tools to ensure that the repairs they are making will last. Any small mistake can become a much bigger problem quickly. With this, being accurate goes hand in hand with working as a diesel fitter.
Training to become a diesel fitter takes on one of two forms. People can begin with a classroom-based training program. This is a popular option that has helped many people who do not have prior experience working with engines get their foot in the door at a company.
Individuals who do have experience working with engines often get jobs in the industry working as an apprentice. While they will still have to go through some amount of training in order to get fully qualified, this gives them an edge as they can learn about the trade as they work.
Typical Work Environments
Diesel fitters can work anywhere that diesel engines run. They can be found on mining sites, oil rigs and ships. These professionals might also be involved in servicing motor vehicles like buses that have large diesel engines.
The one thing that every work environment for diesel fitters has in common is that they are all very physically demanding. With this, individuals who are thinking about becoming a diesel fitter should be good with their hands and able to perform their job in tough environments.
Welding is also a big part of what diesel fitters do. While welding is often covered during training, it is best if people go into the field with at least some welding experience.
Salaries for diesel fitters tend to be rather high. After training and an apprenticeship, fitters can expect to start at somewhere in the neighborhood of $70,000 per year. Those with more experience can make well over $100,000 per year. The high salaries and steady demand are making this career choice very popular.
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