Considering a Career as a Cosmetic Surgeon

A career as a cosmetic surgeon can be extremely lucrative and rewarding for the right individual. Not only is the salary of a cosmetic surgeon way above national average, there is the added benefit of genuinely improving people’s self-confidence and esteem. One recruiting firm, in 2011, reported that the average annual salary of a cosmetic surgeon is over $300,000 a year, with many practicing experts making up to a million dollars a year for their work. It is not hard to see why many individuals consider a career in this particular field Cosmetic surgeons tend to be able to charge more than regular surgeons, owing to the level of skill involved – not only does a cosmetic surgeon have to perform surgery, she has to make the end result look aesthetically pleasing. 
Because of this, cosmetic surgery is big business and its reach, along with the number of procedures available, is increasingly steadily. It is not just merely a visit to see the breast surgeon at the breast clinic that is an option for today’s patient: there is a plethora of procedures available, from rhinoplasty to breast shaping and reduction. There is also a very high demand, coupled with the added pressure for many to look and feel young. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery noted that in 2013 more American patients presented for cosmetic surgery than ever before. 
The route to becoming a cosmetic surgeon is, as expected, a long route. After studying an undergraduate degree (preferably in a science based subject) a cosmetic surgeon will attend medical school for around four years. From here, surgeons will complete a residency program, before becoming licensed. In total the route to becoming any sort of surgeon can take up to ten years. This may sound like a long time; however a cosmetic surgeon is responsible for administering care and treatment to patients, who are, quite often, entrusting their lives into the hand of the doctor. It is of utmost importance that the surgeon is qualified and experienced enough to perform the surgery. 
There is an option for many cosmetic surgeons to forge a career for themselves in a particular area. For example, there may be an expert breast surgeon, an expert facial cosmetic surgeon and an expert implant surgeon all operating in one practice. Competition will face the aspiring cosmetic surgeon at every corner, from medical school applications, to opening a practice that invites the trust of a prospective patient. 
However, owing to the potential rewards in a career of medicine, a career as a cosmetic surgeon is seen by many as an excellent choice, feel free to contact Dr. Simon Weight office if you’d like to work for and see what they desire in a surgeon, this may give you a better idea of what the career is all about. 

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