Getting Started

10 Easy Steps to Business Ownership

How to get started

There are limited LSA Recruitment Business Partner opportunities available, so if this sounds like your next career move, here’s what happens next.

Step 1: Review this Information Memorandum, ask any and all questions you may have, decide what timeframe you may be available to start and if you’re interested in a Territory or Industry Sector opportunity

Step 2: Complete the Business Partner ‘I’m Interested’ application form, including the selection criteria

Step 3: LSA Recruitment will review your application against selection criteria

Step 4: If suitable, LSA Recruitment will make an offer to you for a Business Partnership, including a potential Territory or Industry Sector

Step 5: Complete the Business Partner ‘Let’s Get Started’ documentation

Step 6: Confirm your payment structure and if you’d like to take advantage of the ‘Earnings Guarantee’ for your first three-six months in business

Step 7: Following statutory waiting periods, sign Business Partner documents and pay Partnership fees

Step 8: LSA Recruitment will provide suggested guidelines on exit strategies and navigating no-compete clauses for existing client relationships

Step 9: LSA Recruitment will BOOK your four-day training course, provide a ‘Getting Started’ manual, assist with office set-up, order business cards, corporate clothing and other business essentials

Step 10: Start your journey to financial and lifestyle freedom as an LSA Recruitment Business Partner.

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