How Do I Obtain an Australian Work Visa?

Moving to Australia can be incredibly complicated, and being unable to find employment will make staying there impossible. Applying for a work visa allows you to support yourself while living in Australia, and can even lead to permanent resident status. There are certified migration agents and migration lawyers to help you through the visa application process.

Which Visa Should I Apply For?

Migration lawyers or migration agents can tell your best visa option. In general, there are two types of visas a person wanting to work in Australia should consider: a General Skilled Independent visa or an Employer Sponsored visa. You can also be sponsored by an eligible family member or one of Australia’s states or territories. Certain family members can be included in all of these visa applications. For the independent visa, the applicant needs to have an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list. Employer Sponsored visas require you to find a job with a company willing to sponsor you, which can be difficult for workers that are not highly skilled.

Starting the Application Process

To apply for an Australian work visa, you need an invitation from the government. To receive this invitation, you need to fill the requirements set by Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), which include:
-Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI)
-Having an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list
-Passing the suitable skills assessment for that occupation
-Being under 50 years old
-Meeting the English Language Requirements
-Scoring at least 60 on the points test
-Meeting health and character requirements
With an Employer Nomination, you do not need to pass the points test. There are also exemptions available for the skills, age, and English language requirements that depend on your occupation, salary, and work experience.

The Points Test

The Skilled Migration visas operate on a points-based system. Those with the most points receive the first invitations to apply for a visa. Points are given based on many categories:
-English language ability based on an IELTS or OET score
-Years of skilled employment inside or outside Australia
-Educational qualifications
-Receiving a degree, diploma, or qualification from an Australian institution
-A credential in a community language
-Studying in Regional Australia
-Skills of Partner
-Completing a Professional Year in Australia
-Nomination by a family member, state, or territory

Applying for the Visa

After receiving the invitation to apply, you only have 60 days to lodge your completed application. This application requires proof of the answers you gave on the points test, a suitable skills assessment, and meeting the health, English language, and character requirements. You will need to fill out medical forms and forms indicating you have received assistance with your application. You will also need to provide certified copies of identification documents for everyone on your application. If these documents are not in English, they must be accompanied by an English translation from an accredited translator.
Once you finish applying, you will receive a letter of acknowledgement and be assigned a case officer. A decision may be made based solely on your application, or additional documentation might be requested. Migration agents or lawyers will provide support during this process, and can assist you in asking for a case review or appeal in the case of a denied application.

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